Monday, 10 September 2012


This is my latest published work at Let them Eat Cake, the story is called "Farewell, My Concubine" and it was shot in an amazing, stunning house in Bedford - UK.

I want to thank everyone from the team and the designers!

Dress and earrings by Shao Yen
Shoes, stylist's own

 Coat and bodysuit by Inbar Spector

Shoes by Xiao Zhou Zeng

 Top, overskirt and underskirt by Charlotte Helyar

Shoes by Martin Gaede
Earrings, stylist's own

 Top and skirt by Timur Kim

Earring and bracelet, stylist's own

Shoes, stylist's own

Dress by Apu Jan
Shoes stylist own

Top and Skirt by Rachel Chan
Shoes by Xiao Zhou Zeng
Bracelets stylist's own

Photographer: Olgac Bozalp
Fashion Editor: Marina de Magalhaes
Make Up: Michelle Webb
Hair: John Mullan
Nail: Margarida Marinho
Assistant Styling: Ana Rita Bracker
Assistant Photography: Emma Josey
Model: Chana at Models 1

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