Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I have been really late about posting my latest work, although, everything is in my website.
This is one of my favorite styling jobs, not because of the styling it self (which I love! - I'm always up for androgynous) but the whole package.
That's what I like about this photographer, Maria Molko, she knows how to create a nice mood around the girls and consequently the clothes - is the attitude that interests me greatly.
This shoot with model Anna Nevala can be seen here at Fashion Gone Rogue.

 Trousers by Xianfen Gu

 Jacket by Xianfen Gu

 Jacket and Shirt by Xianfen Gu

 Jacket and Shirt by Xianfen Gu

 Jacket by Xianfen Gu

  Jacket by Xianfen Gu
Trousers by Charlie May
Earrings stylist own

 Dress by Kate Williams

 Dress by Julie Eilenberger

Skirt by Zara

Photographer - Maria Molko
Make-up & Hair - Michelle Dacillo
Models - Anna N, Catia and Marianna J at M&P Models

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