Sunday, 29 July 2012


What the hell is going on in London lately? I am seeing so many girls and women wearing skin tone leggings, how did this spread like that? These girls look like they are bare naked in the street.

At first I thought: This is "butt" ugly!! (sorry for the pun). But then I started thinking that many fashion houses make big trends out of things which, at first, are SO wrong, and they make then awesome, they reinvent the ugly. 

So I will try not to reject this ugliness from the start because probably in about a month or so a very talented designer will come up with cool ideas for the skin tone leggings, things that give a Tromp L'oeil to it, like spikes on the knee area, etc...

Food for Thought!!

Here are some suggestions:

 Balls of steel

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Great sunny and Hot week here in London, and that makes me wanna dance.

Nowness video featuring Lil Buck

Director - Jacob Sutton
Styling by Tracey Nicholson
Make-up - Hiromi Ueda
Set design - Jacob Sutton and John Spatcher

Friday, 13 July 2012


"The Art of Packing" from Louis Vuitton is a cool video about the best way men can pack everything day need and fit into a small suitcase,  all, of course, Louis Vuitton in their best way possible to showcase their accessories.

Even if this video could seem not a big deal for some people, for a person who constantly pack and unpack suitcases as a job, the art of packing is quite handy.

Other than that this video is for image lovers like me, who love to watch beautiful things.

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Bart Hess is a mix-media artist, handling many materials and exploring new images new aesthetics. (this is what a love the most) creating creatures, in this video he creates these bubbly mutants, shiny and without form, extremely attractive to the eye.

This video is In collaboration with HeyHeyHey for STRP festival 2011,  STRP Festival is one of the largest indoor art & technology festivals in Europe, that fuses music art and technology.