Saturday, 29 October 2011


J-Pop and K-Pop bringing fun and getting attention of the western world. I did some research about some bands and their styles, what I can say is that eastern pop bands are not afraid of edgy (clothes as well as hair and make-up) and street fun. There is a touch that particular Asian style (chunky trainer shoes, long t-shirts, skinny blazers and trousers) and a little bit of street London. I think their male pop bands dress better than what a pop star dresses in America, it's more fashion driven, less body conscious, the girls don't show sexiness (which is very "requested" for female pop stars).

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I appreciate design in many forms and definitely love to learn about the meanings of logos, these simple symbols that say loads of things in a small space. However this post is not about intricate and complicate meanings behind logos that you could never imagine but about logos that are explicit in your face obviously amazing. It is so hard to give personality to a small illustration mixed with fonts and be on point to what the brand's name represent. These are very creative, because to do somethings that is easily perceptive is very very hard.
Cheers to these designers!

Ps: If you know any other cool logos please share it with me.


Alice Overington is a great designer that recently graduated from Westminster, I love this collection all inspired by everyone's best friend, our beds. Duvets and pillows, flowers prints and origami, all wrapped up into very stylish jackets and trousers. In a cold winter day who wouldn't want to where their duvets all day?!

Photography: Tean Roberts
Make-up & Hair: Laura Goya
Model: Lora Hayes
All clothing by Alice Overington