Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says " I'm possible"! 

Audrey Hepburn


It seems that in 2010 the fashion videos exploded and everyone chose to make one. Diversifying from magazine's editorials, films and 3D are here now, giving opportunity to CREATE in different medias. 
One new web video that is really cool is from a shoe brand called Schutz, with this video they've chosen a fun way to show the new Summer Collection 2011, it's called "Fly Girls".


The song is really cool, if someone knows it please tell me. 

Directed by Giovanni Bianco and Styled by Patti Wilson. Staring Kristina Romanova, Fabiana Mayer, Tamiris Freitas. Check out the backstage video (another type of video that people looove and so do I).



I know that everyone talks about McQueen all the time, about his death and etc... but I have this video on my favourites and ... again... I think alot about creativity and it's roots.


I just feel sad because we could see so much more, but the last of his shows was fit to be the greatest, the best way to "say" your last words.

Monday, 27 September 2010


I know that the Cannes Lions 2010 (award for advertising) ended long time ago but there's one that needed to be shown and I feel it's really special.
It's a short film with only ONE continuous take which the actor shot 40 times. Johnnie Walker and BBH London got Scottish actor Robert Carlisle (Trainspotting) to narrate the story while walking through the misty Scottish highlands. Other than the poetic landscape the story narrated is inspiring.

Talking about "one take" film, there is another AMAZING story portrayed in a 96 minutes film called Russian Arc and with only one non-stop take(!!), showing 300 years of Russian history and beautiful costumes, the director is Alexander Sokurov.
I must say that's at least inspiring. 


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Vogue France's 90th Anniversary Issue

This issue just got out this week and it's already a collectors piece. It's all about Vogue FR's history and style - all the excess and Porno Chic that made it one of the greatest (that explains the cover). As a gift to readers — in France — the issue will come with a portfolio of oversize photographs from the nine decades, all unbound on thick paper and ready to frame.
Read more here

Lara Stone (cover) - All about the excess

Guy Bourdin style  

One of the heroes of fashion photography, with a beautiful work, creating controversy and a powerful narration on his photos. Avant-garde ideas which until today are used as inspiration, Bourdin possibly has been one of the most influential on the younger generations of fashion photographers.
 Sensual, provocative, use of bold colors created a strange and mysterious feeling filled with sexuality and sometimes violence.

Loooooove Guy Bourdin.

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Perfect Accessory Combination: Amazing fashion and taller than the Empire State Building!

Imagine those two together, Philip Treacy hat and Norikata Tatehana shoes
Dreaming about it!!


His photographs are beautiful like a poetic documentary, but I really miss him as a designer, loved his collections at Dior Homme. He changed the aesthetic of men, giving them elegance and cool other than the basic two piece suit.

Dior Homme F/W 08

Lara Stone

Ash Stymest

Kate M.

I am hopeful that we'll see him again at fashion week. Hedi Slimane

Friday, 24 September 2010

"What defines the authenticity of the expression isn’t the perfection of the form, but the clarity of it’s essence".  Kazuo Ohno - Another Magazine


This is a really cool editorial I saw on Now a days this mix is really working, we are creating new technologies and worrying about being eco friendly (not as much as we need) at same time.

The great thing about this site is that other than having the colorful editorials we love to see, they put the website of the designers at the bottom of every page. They have tips for beauty and trends around the world.

Also they choose new designers or maybe not well known which make it so much more fun to see.