Sunday, 26 September 2010

Vogue France's 90th Anniversary Issue

This issue just got out this week and it's already a collectors piece. It's all about Vogue FR's history and style - all the excess and Porno Chic that made it one of the greatest (that explains the cover). As a gift to readers — in France — the issue will come with a portfolio of oversize photographs from the nine decades, all unbound on thick paper and ready to frame.
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Lara Stone (cover) - All about the excess

Guy Bourdin style  

One of the heroes of fashion photography, with a beautiful work, creating controversy and a powerful narration on his photos. Avant-garde ideas which until today are used as inspiration, Bourdin possibly has been one of the most influential on the younger generations of fashion photographers.
 Sensual, provocative, use of bold colors created a strange and mysterious feeling filled with sexuality and sometimes violence.

Loooooove Guy Bourdin.

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