Wednesday, 30 March 2011


This is the latest photo shoot I styled, the clothes are from a great designer called Kristian Aadnevik, his muse is glamorous with a hint of darkness/powerful. That's why we chose to make this amazing images with a hint of poetic darkness, but a darkness that comes from inside, an overwhelmed sensation, which I think could fit with the title " Wuthering Heights". The photographer is Davide Sometti, and i think I don't need words to describe how good he is, it's pretty much in the photos. I love it! 
Amazing make up by Sandra Cooke and fabulous hair by Jamie McCormick.


Sunday, 27 March 2011


As I said in previous posts I love good advertising campaigns, the good ones are like bedtime stories, they manage to get simple concepts and tell it in a way that you would never thought of looking it. Here is a great example; how do you say to people in a way that makes them curious and intrigued about wind energy? Mr. W is great.

One thing that intrigued me, for sure, is that I don't understand why Mr. W has a french accent ?!


Saturday, 26 March 2011



There's no better title to describe Michele Lamy.
She is a french jewelry designer and Rick Owen's Muse/Wife. She exudes an amazing "apocalyptic ancient/modern" style. The encounter between art and fashion.

Friday, 25 March 2011


The day was sunny, warm and beautiful, I went to the British Museum with my friend Miss Lady D, to see an exhibition about Afghanistan jewels and finding.  Incredible, loved it! I love when I have the chance to know more about some part of the world that i know nothing about. Was so precious to know a little about the history of this place that is only remembered now as a war territory. But we should forget that these were the Persian lands and it carries mystery and intrigue. Is one of the last places that you have chance t dig and find amazing objects and traces of ancient times.

The jewelry is impressive, so delicate and so thin but at the same time so striking is it's image; exaggerated even. Is a country that is between strong cultures as China, Iran, India, Pakistan, Russian based countries so amazingly all of these cultures left a little print in this country and let's not forget about Alexander and Greek empire which also left their aesthetic to mixed it up with everything else.
Very nice exhibition for who likes archeology and want to know about this not so known country.

There was an amazing quote that i saw on a funeral hommage that said:

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I appreciate very much Lady Gaga's interviews mainly because I admire anyone who choose to put great concepts in what they do. Most things that she talks about have a meaning and are made for some reason, here is a video of her interview at Google.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Today I found out about a film/documentary called Teenage: The Creation of Youth Culture , from Matt Wolf and Jon Savage (also made a book with the same name). Is amazing to see how the whole culture was born in the 20th century and how it developed and also make us think how this is going to be in this new century...
However something else come to my mind, youth is the most precious thing for our society since the beginning of civilization, preservation of the body, soul and it's so ironic that experience and wisdom are also praised but is almost impossible to have both at the same time.
Not talking about beauty, but youth. Being young and restless, that's what beautiful, even ignorance and naivety. The teenager are the ones with heart of a lion and still open minded to fight for what they believe, fresh ideas and more questioning, "why not?", "the sky is the limit", all over history we saw Hippies, Punks, Mods etc... living life and maybe that is what people admire.

TEENAGE teaser from Teenage on Vimeo.