Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I was watching "American Psycho" the other day and I was impressed by Christian Bale's performance. Not because of his role as this crazy serial killer but the way he did this crazy, paranoid man. I liked the movie because of how crazy they made it and it completely makes sense to me that a psycho would have this huge paranoias about little things like memorizing a CD review, or how he likes very soothing music like Phil Collins and even Whitney Houston while he is killing in brutal ways.

He is also a sex freak and it makes me wonder, why these guys are always related to sexual perversion? This is something that it shouldn't be so directly linked, what does sex has to do with killing?

These are my favorite scenes from the movie:

The first one they are all showing each other their new business cards (which all say Vice President) and comparing the quality of their cards, and, again, "paranoing" about minor details. He flips out when he sees a card better than his and (goes to the other scene)...

 ... He kills the guy in the most freakish, crazy way possible. Cheers for the moonwalk and the little dance! The guy is just fucking crazy!!

Monday, 27 June 2011


These are some extra shots from the photo shoot I did a while a go with photographer Kolette. Loved that day and I really like the result of these photos, the sky was amazing (it had just stopped raining), the wind was so strong (top of a hill). 
Brief case by Oliver Ruuger.

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Amazing styling in this editorial on the Chinese Harper's Baazar, I don't know who the stylist is but I felt very inspired by it. If someone knows please send me a message.


She is a Brazilian presenter for a children's show, known in all Latin America, very famous, an icon, but I believe her golden "style" age was in the 80's.

Maybe I see a little bit of London in her style as well.

 And Pelé's girlfriend at some point

  90's Grunge


Friday, 24 June 2011


Introducing (and remembering) amazing, stylish, strong women from the past. These women deserve to be called "Femme Fatale" not because of looks, that sexy attractiveness that everyone relates to this title, but the hypnotic personality, the energy of their presence and how amazing their lives were - these women influenced fashion and still are reference for many.

Contessa di Castiglione (Countess of Castiglione)
Her name was Virginia Oldoini lived in the 19th Century, she was an Italian courtesan who achieved notoriety as mistress of Emperor Napoleon III of France. But also known for her amazing contribution in the early history of photography. 

The Countess was known for her beauty and her flamboyant entrances in elaborate dress at the imperial court. 
She took many photographs with Pierre-Louis Pierson and had a project to create 700 different photographs through out her life in her theatrical outfits.

A number of photographs depict her in poses risqué for the era, images that expose her bare legs and feet. In these photos, her head is cropped out.

Nancy Cunard

Nancy was a writer, political activist and above all heiress born into the British upper class. She rejected her family's values, devoting much of her life to fighting racism and fascism. However she became a muse to some of the 20th century's most distinguished writers and artists.

 Marchesa Casati (Marquise Casati)

Luisa, Marquesa Casati, was an eccentric Italian heiress, muse, and patroness of the arts in early 20th century Europe. She was the perfect concept of a dandy: "I want to be a living work of art".
She captivated artists such as Robert de Montesquiou, Erté, Jean Cocteau, and Cecil Beaton. Had an affair with Gabriele d'Annunzio, and famous fr her amazing eccentric style and excess.

Her is a photo shoot that Tilda Swinton did for Acne Paper incorporating the Marquise.