Saturday, 29 January 2011


What do you think - Is it real or acting?

HAHAHAHAHA It's too good to be acting...


After my last post about dance, now I see this subject will grow even more after this week, Haute Couture week in Paris, Givenchy (as always) amazed us with a very luxurious show - inspired in Butoh dance and Japanese robots. Ricardo Tisci honored Kazuo Ohno's memory, the creator of Butoh who passed away last year, with a beautiful and poetic collection filled with light.

Dance will be big this year!

 Lobster Dress Recap...(loved this new version)

Elsa Schiaparelli's Lobster Dress 1937

Thursday, 27 January 2011


This week is the Haute Couture fashion week in Paris, the most wanted, most desired. High fashion with amazing pattermaking, amzing designs and fabrics that you would see only in this situation.

Armani, amazing as always, shined with his collection. Fabrics that left me speechless and bold colors were his choices for the futuristic vibe. Loved it! But i must say that his design are better to be seen in video than photo. You can see how the fabric moves and shines. Here it is...

The future is here, in Fashion and in Movies. Actually futurism has been around us since the 60's but always changing (evolving?), maybe our perception of future change constantly because we see our present changing even more. Even if "2001 Space Odyssey" looked like a crazy future far from the 60's everyday life now is just a remembrance that we are still stuck with some issues from the past.

Would the black monolith be the vision of WTC attack? ...

Something that has always been in the human mind, when thinking about how the future would be, is the "flying cars", maybe is peoples desire, but i think it looks great only for the "Jetsons".

Here is the 2011 movie - TRON

 Daft Punk

PS: Doesn't their costumes look like another futuristic movie?

This is an editorial called "Russian Dolls" - Tim Walker for Vogue UK -  and has nothing to do with futuristic but I think these images reflect very well what "TRON"'s image is all about.

Cheers (from the future) !

Monday, 24 January 2011


I felt compelled to talk about this amazing movie "Pina – Dance, Dance, Otherwise We Are Lost".
Unfortunately I don't understand so much about the art of dance, but I admire it a lot. This particular movie caught my attention because, as I saw in the preview, the dancers express so much emotion combined with strangeness and amazing weird landscapes, everything that i love to watch. 
Here is the clip:

I am anxiously waiting for the debut.

Talking about dance nowadays is impossible without thinking about "The Black Swan"...

This is one of my favorite moments when the crazy girls becomes the Bad Side of herself. Really eye catching movie, those ones that makes you think.

Ps: Costumes made by Rodarte

And I must say that is a FACT that this movie will bring a HUGE TREND of ballerina clothes, accessories and colors to the High Street fashion and I am exited about it, the garments are really feminine and comfortable. Who forgot Amy Winehouse's famous ballerina shoes?

She wears them a lot!

Here are some inspirations for the BALLERINA TREND...

(Annie Leibovits photos)

More editorial to keep you inspired... I am definitely getting my ballerina shoes