Monday, 24 January 2011


I felt compelled to talk about this amazing movie "Pina – Dance, Dance, Otherwise We Are Lost".
Unfortunately I don't understand so much about the art of dance, but I admire it a lot. This particular movie caught my attention because, as I saw in the preview, the dancers express so much emotion combined with strangeness and amazing weird landscapes, everything that i love to watch. 
Here is the clip:

I am anxiously waiting for the debut.

Talking about dance nowadays is impossible without thinking about "The Black Swan"...

This is one of my favorite moments when the crazy girls becomes the Bad Side of herself. Really eye catching movie, those ones that makes you think.

Ps: Costumes made by Rodarte

And I must say that is a FACT that this movie will bring a HUGE TREND of ballerina clothes, accessories and colors to the High Street fashion and I am exited about it, the garments are really feminine and comfortable. Who forgot Amy Winehouse's famous ballerina shoes?

She wears them a lot!

Here are some inspirations for the BALLERINA TREND...

(Annie Leibovits photos)

More editorial to keep you inspired... I am definitely getting my ballerina shoes


  1. Isto é movimento, é corpo esculpido, fotos belíssimas...Abraços

  2. Adorei Má..... e vc acha que viroiu mega tendencia, pleaseeee check coleção da Chloé summer 2011....TREUSA, cheia de bailarinas modernas (mistura as 2 tendencias, hehehe)beijocas e blog ta liundo!

  3. auhauhauha Otimo Le!!!! Viu sò? Mas eu num vi ninguem ainda falando dessa ja viu?