Thursday, 13 September 2012


Today I watched this BMW advertising and thought that it was a perfect example of what this blog is about and it's title meaning.

Here is the video:

BMW wanted to show a high performance speed from it's M5 car, fast as a bullet, and the concept they chose was to portray the famous photo of a bullet hitting an apple (as below). This idea - unconsciously or not - was what represented the idea of bullet in the most interesting and relatable way possible for a slow motion video.

Another video that came to mind which also was influenced by this photo was the AppleXBlackberry:

All this show how unconsciously connected everyone's mind is connected now-a-days, and the idea of Globalization reached another level, it evolved! We no longer can talk about ideas being stolen or things being copied. We are so globally connected that this makes our minds work together and think similar that people can have the same ideas and not have consciously or willingly copied anyone.

Today everything is an inspiration and everything is re-modeled therefore every thing becomes another thing and ideas already done are re-done but always with a different take or a specific change that makes that New.

Of course there are still piracy among us, when the copied are exactly a-like for other purposes. But in the creativity worldthere are more levels to be dealt with.


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