Sunday, 12 June 2011


In the exhibition "The Cult of Beauty"  - about the aesthetic movement in the 1800's - at the V&A, I saw a painting by Lawrence Alma Tadema - a Dutch painter - and it just blew me away. I think he is one of the best exponent of this movement. His paintings need no more than one word to describe them: Beautiful.

The beauty that every romance talked about, the one that lives you breathless and immediately in love.
Most of his pictures were inspired by the classic period - Greek and Roman Empire. The beauty of precision and a hint of emotion and contemplative state.

How amazing would be to have some Haute Couture dresses and make an editorial inspired by him.

Here are some of his paintings.

How amazing is that right!? Thinking that was made in the 1800's. I can really imagine myself living in Roman times.

Just to go WOW I would use this make up for this shoot...



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