Friday, 10 June 2011


The female top models are known everywhere sometimes they can be more famous than a actress and have their own fan base. But what most of people are not aware is that there are many male models as amazing as the girls and doing incredible jobs, they are super models as well but somehow not as famous, I don't know if they care about this at all.

But this is a blog that recognizes their amazing work and let it be said here that we know who you are and we appreciate your work very much. The editorials are amazing and boys are as cool to shoot as the girls, so here is a little bit of some very cool models that everyone should know about.

 Aj Abualrud

 Andrej Pejic 

 Ash Stymest

 Baptiste Giacobini

 Clement Chabernaud

 Cole Mohr

 Daisuke Ueda

 Dan Felton

 David Agbodji

 Evandro Soldati

 João Zavaski

 Jon Kortajarena

 Jonathan Marquez

 Josh Beech

 Luke Worrall

 Marlon Teixeira

 Matvey Lykov

 Paolo Anchisi

 Paolo Roldan

 Rael Costa

 Sebastian Sauve

 Shaun Haugh

 Victor Nylander

Willy Cartier


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