Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Oh my God! There is no feeling compared to the one when you watch on you tube the super old cartoons or series that you used to see when you were a kid. And while I was checking those I realized that they inspired me a lot in what i do now. The child "no boundaries" way of being is what I love the most. The weirdest stories in these cartoons and still it all made sense to me at the time.
Just reminiscing...

Check it out maybe it was in your childhood as well, some of mine were in the "Brazilian" version.

"Muppet Babies"

"Wild Fire" (Cavalo de Fogo)

"The care bears" (Ursinhos Carinhosos)

 "Bobby's World"

 "Tv Colosso"

"Get a long Gang"

"Punky" (So 80's Fashion)

"He-Man" (Classic!)

"Captain Planet" (Capitão Planeta) - How amazing is this!! Teaching children (early 90's) that pollution was so wrong!! And look where we are now with the sustainability - Amazing

"Scooby Doo" (Loved it!) - Maybe that is why I like CSI nowadays hahahah

"Inspector Gadget" (Inspetor Bugiganga)

"Tiny Toons" - I watched Looney Toons as well with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck but these  are completely nutjobs!

"Freakazoid" - Seriously?!?!

"Babar"  - So sweet!!!

"Tom and Jerry" - Huge Classic

"The Woody Woodpecker Show" (Pica-Pau) - My Favourite when I was 7

Ps: if you know something else that is missing here send me!

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