Saturday, 18 December 2010


That's the question about Odd Nerdrum's work. 
His name tell us what kind of images he likes : ODD
Actually he himself says that his work should be understood as kitsch, but we cannot avoid thinking is art, and why it shouldn't be? We have many different kinds of expression that always culminates on people's mouths as "art". I also believe that all kind of expression of creativity is indeed art. And there's no better way to catch my attention than expressing dreams. And that is what Nerdrum's work tells me. I first got to know his work through the movie The Cell:

And then I saw the paintings..dark, twisted but still marvelous. Awkward and fearful face expression with weird body positions.
I think the best things in his work is "a conflicted preoccupation with origins and personal identity", as Richard Vine said. That reflects on his work and gives us new worlds to dream of.

It's ironic how he can portray images with apparently no emotion and still have this heavy energy around it. "He offers a stripped away view of life and reality".

I don't know why, but i relate his aesthetic with Dali's and maybe that is why i feel interested by his work.

Salvador Dalì


  1. Love love love! So sad our shoot inspired by him had to be postponed, can't wait to try again in Jan!

  2. Q'est que c'est? To passada com essas pinturas! Doidera! Very interesting Ma!