Saturday, 18 December 2010


What?? hahahaha This title is great, I must say! Great shooting, loved the make up idea and the girl is showing everyone that you can be grungy and still party all night. Great looks! Styled by Olivia Crouppen, an L.A. stylist.

And I must say that i see a huge trend coming up: bright color lips, not the usual ones, but blue, yellow, green, dark violet etc...
In this cold times we need fun, color to shake off the boring gray. 

Here is another shooting with the same lip color party trend. Also the same kind of vibration as the first one, party, lightness of being, freedom. I feel the winter makes you feel caged in big coats and layers and just want to take everything off and have some color! This one styled by Debora Torres. Love Make up too made by Katie Wilton.


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