Tuesday, 14 December 2010


People don't realize how difficult it is to do photos in Black & White, they carry drama and profound meanings. If misused can wash off the beauty and could get boring. B&W gives poetry to the image. Intensity.

I want to celebrate here my fellow Stylist, Diana Matzik, and photographer, Vincenzo Aiello, they did an amazing shooting about "Silence". The whiteness take over the image and makes you feel almost like drowning in deep light.

That reminds me also of another amazing story about the world of complete blank,  Josè Saramago's " Blindness". An amazing book, one of my favourites, it's value lies in sensory perseption. Uses all five senses to make you sink into the story and feel part of it, almost afraid of losing your sight and being blind, only seeing white.

One of the things that I like about it is few details that make the story stronger, like the fact that Saramago doesn't give anyone a Name, only adjectives. Also the fact that he doesn't put so many full stops (or periods) in the book which creates huge paragraphs, and make you read more and more. He doesn't put a precise date, year, place.

Obviously a movie was made about the book, I actually liked it, but we know that could never be so powerful as the book. here is the trailer for the movie:

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