Sunday, 19 December 2010


There is always limits when it comes to creation, even if the intent is to surpass them. But mostly we don't. We practice to go further and further, see where our minds are going to take us. But everyone has boundaries, the difference is that some people have them really wide.
These days I had the opportunity to see the documentary about Leigh Bowery ( "The legend of Leigh Bowery") and I started thinking about it. He was a very enigmatic character and, for a first impression, seemed to have no boundaries at all. I asked my self: Why did he do those things? Why he was like that? I think he couldn't be any different, it's one of those people that have only one purpose in the world, he was born to be like this.
I guess when I see someone amazing I try to understand how they think and how they end up like that so than in my mind I see they are still human beings.

Leigh Bowery was an inspiration for a lot of people, Boy George, Lady Gaga,Gareth Pugh etc... and an infinitive inspiration for fashion shows. 
It's hard to talk about him, if I could summarize in a few words it would be EXPLOSION and ENDLESS , is better to watch for yourselves.


He is a mix of fantasy, endless creativity, fun, nightmares, scary..."everything is possible" feeling.

Paintings by Lucien Freud

Leigh Bowery & Alexander McQueen Fall 2009

Boy George in "Taboo" & Leigh Bowery

 Leigh Bowery & Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2009

Leigh Bowery & Gareth Pugh Spring 2007

Leigh Bowery & Junya Watanabe Fall 2009


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