Monday, 1 June 2015


Had a great shoot the other day with my friend, photographer Rossella Vanon in a beautiful colour play. The shoot now can be seen in Schön! digital.

Photography / Rossella Vanon
Make Up / Gina Blondell @Frank using Bobbi Brown
Model / Nicole G. @Tess
Retouch / Sarah Tucker and Rossella Vanon
Photography Assistant / Natasha Xavier
Styling Assistant / Rakel Unnur Thorlacius
Location / Huddle Studios

Friday, 29 May 2015


New Harper's Bazaar is out now June Issue. Really cool ideas for genderless fashion, the use of denim as a popular choice. 
Plus the return of the cool 90's kids with Stefanie Biggel looks referencing Nirvana and the surrealist influence of architect Ricardo Bofill in Lily Kamper's jewellery.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Finally I am able to spread the news on this super cool event that I collaborated with the super talented milliner and friend Keely Hunter.

We were able to create a very whimsical set of characters for the Monday Night Talks at the Wonderland Session hosted by the Play creator of Alice's Adventures Underground and so I thank everyone that participated in the making.

Photos and Styling by Marina de Magalhaes
Hair by Shiori Takahashi​
Make-up by Francesca Brazzo
Models Analyse by Profile, Grace at Lenis and Nastya at M+P
Assistant Hair Iga Kogut

Headpieces by Keely Hunter
Clothes by Luke Anthony Rooney​ and Rora Chow

Special thanks to Alice Underground​ and their beautiful sets!

Here are some behind the scenes:

Sunday, 5 April 2015


In April we have news from scarf brand Siladora and cool embroided clutches by Mother of Pearl.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


March arrives with juicy news from London for Harper's Bazaar Brasil.
From the minimalist shapes of jewellery brand Miansai, to genderless clothing for Selfridges new space, to a new shoe brand to be discovered and to make us gag, Alexander White and finally to yum yum new desire bags in town from Kenzo and Loewe.

Friday, 27 February 2015


Just wanted to recap some cool moments from this season's street style in London. Lots of colour and beautiful faces.

Photos by Madara Freimane

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


My new story for Vision China is finally out and I am super happy to share the work here. I had so much fun styling these as it was quite a close theme inspiration for me, and something I had been studying and observing for almost a year, but with these super colourful clothes it is impossible to not get excited! 
You can see the mood boards and inspiration research hereand here they are - the final images:

Photography - Masami Naruo
Styling - Marina de Magalhaes
Hair - Tomomi Roppongi 
Make up - Martina Mattanzi 
Models – Harry Curran at AMCK and Vesa Perakyla 
Assistant Photography - Hisashi Mibushi
Assistant Styling Kerrie Newton, Jenn Ross

And here is the magazines cover for Jan Issue, looks great too right?!