Tuesday, 10 February 2015


My new story for Vision China is finally out and I am super happy to share the work here. I had so much fun styling these as it was quite a close theme inspiration for me, and something I had been studying and observing for almost a year, but with these super colourful clothes it is impossible to not get excited! 
You can see the mood boards and inspiration research hereand here they are - the final images:

Photography - Masami Naruo
Styling - Marina de Magalhaes
Hair - Tomomi Roppongi 
Make up - Martina Mattanzi 
Models – Harry Curran at AMCK and Vesa Perakyla 
Assistant Photography - Hisashi Mibushi
Assistant Styling Kerrie Newton, Jenn Ross

And here is the magazines cover for Jan Issue, looks great too right?!

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