Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Finally I am able to spread the news on this super cool event that I collaborated with the super talented milliner and friend Keely Hunter.

We were able to create a very whimsical set of characters for the Monday Night Talks at the Wonderland Session hosted by the Play creator of Alice's Adventures Underground and so I thank everyone that participated in the making.

Photos and Styling by Marina de Magalhaes
Hair by Shiori Takahashi​
Make-up by Francesca Brazzo
Models Analyse by Profile, Grace at Lenis and Nastya at M+P
Assistant Hair Iga Kogut

Headpieces by Keely Hunter
Clothes by Luke Anthony Rooney​ and Rora Chow

Special thanks to Alice Underground​ and their beautiful sets!

Here are some behind the scenes:

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