Wednesday, 11 May 2011


New website that starts in 23 days called FashionLab,  is a crowd sourcing site, which wants to unite creative talents, like a network so people that work with creativity can get the opportunity to be seen, heard and to know other people in the same position. Is inspirational because we get the opportunity to see freshness and people that could bring new ideas to the fashion and artistic scene. I heard about it on Facebook actually and when you go to the website you can register and they will keep you posted about news and contest that you can apply. All kinds of things but for now i don't know much more about it, let's wait until the website starts working. Meanwhile they are posting some informations on their blog, and I am very happy that they posted a comment about me and they gave me the opportunity to say a few things that I always had in my mind and I am thankful that they gave me this space. Here is the post

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