Friday, 12 December 2014


The new hot Instagram of the moment, We Never Met, tells stories about strangers that are photographed from their backs. The duo creators make up funny, everyday-life stories that normally wouldn't fit with the first impression we have about the characters we see in the pictures, and that shows that everyone can relate to them.

Check it out @wenevermet!

"I hate waiting rooms. They keep you there long enough to make you bored but never long enough to finish what you were reading.”

He follows every do's and don'ts on how to wear a suit. But the tie…that's where he goes wild.

"I look like mommy because I'm pretty. My baby brother looks like daddy because he has no hair."

A self-proclaimed French films lover. So far only watched Amélie Poulain.

When they're together he's afraid of nothing. Nothing.

He takes cigarette breaks to escape from work. He gets home late everyday and blames work.

"It's not like I'm crazy for popcorn, but you've got to learn to take what life gives you."

"I've tried crocodile, ostrich and kangaroo. They all taste like chicken. But, like, expensive chickens."

Between four walls they have only one rule: when one cooks, the other does the dishes.

Monday: he buys carrots in an attempt to eat healthier. Saturday: he opens the fridge and find them out-of-date behind the beer.

She once asked for a drink and got a pizza instead. The difference between margarita and margherita finally revealed itself.

"That's why we shouldn't let him pick his costume. We should all be dressed as comics characters, but the bastard has no idea who the Joker is."

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