Saturday, 7 January 2012


Mary Mattingly is a American visual artist that made a impact with her "Wearable Home" project - for the shape and colors of the cloth she though about an unified cultural appeal, considering from a kimono to a burka to the Gap than the color Khaki was chosen. 

"The Khaki Overcoat, muslin design prototypes, construction uniforms, kimonosDockers, safari camouflage, military uniforms, the blandification and brandification of garments spanning cultures worldwide to make one, general look de-emphasizing self and re-emphasizing everything else (collaboration, ideas, survival, modularity, etc.)."

This wearable house is not only for moving around and living in this "tent" like house but gets you connect on internet as well, electric cloth technology, etc..

In a period where we need ecological solutions to our daily routines and when the devastation of the planet seems already too catastrophic Mary gives us the solution for a world where problems cannot be turned back.


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