Thursday, 17 November 2011


I always think about a non-obvious title for my posts but for this one I couldn't have thought of anything better.

Today Test Magazine, together with Town Hall Hotel & Apartments, Viajante, Peroni and Studio Canal, presented a film called ‘Yves Saint Laurent: L’Amour Fou’ celebrating Test Presents, their monthly screening of fashion films and documentaries. 
However this one was about more than just fashion. This documentary was about real life, a deeply emotional road for Pierre Bergè (YSL life partner) and myself watching this film.

Is a film filed with amazing commentaries by YSL closest friends, like Loulou de la Falaise, who recently past away; and mostly we see Pierre Bergè talking about their intimate life in a way that I never heard before. They were parters for 50 years and we can see in every detail of this film how emotional it is, Pierre Bergè auctioning their private art collection, one of the dearest thing to Yves. It was his last goodbye to his life with his partner. Through out Pierre's narration we can see all Yves professional life and remember why he is such an inspiration.
Still the main "character" of this documentary is the emotion between Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergè and how someone moves on after losing their loved ones (or doesn't).

The best quotation of the movie is by Pierre Bergè:
"You want to know if we bought this Académie d'hommes because we were homosexuals......does one buy a Chardin's still life because one eats bread?"

The most amazing moment (and the most emotional) was to watch Yves Saint Laurent in his last show in 2002, with all his life long friends and models, all sad and still inspired by him. 

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