Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Should we call him collage king? at least collage maniac. Florian Kuhlmann is a artist/designer/programer that went a little crazy on the collage idea, but created these amazing images, so apocalyptic that forces to "look at the whole picture" instead of looking at each object individually. The cool thing is, for the curious ones, who want to take a look closer to find out what are these images made of, it's very cool to see how he put all of those elements together. It's scary to see that these collages are completely symmetrical and good on using the colors. I believe this kind of work takes months for him to do. Impressive.

Florian Kuhlmann's collages reminded me a lot of Bosch's painting, this fascination to the crowded image, it might be (even if subconsciously) his inspiration. I think Bosch was the stepping stone of this interest for very full images and I would say could have even influenced the famous "Where is Waldo?" ("Where is Wally" in the UK), don't you think?

Where is Wally/Waldo? 



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