Sunday, 25 September 2011


Daphne Guinness is someone to be jealous of. Not only because she has the means to afford AMAZING fashion but because she actually does it! She were the most outrageous pieces and for someone who works with fashion that is just what I look for, what I love to see. Put them in good use after the fashion shows are over. Other than that she is inspirational, always involved with art and making her clothes part of it. What more can I say, other than she was the one to buy Isabella Blow's wardrobe for auction to preserve it!

That is enough I think here it is: Daphne Guinness

Want to know more about Isabella Blow, dear friend to Alexander McQueen, and the first one to buy his collections right out of school. She was the queen of hats and outrageous fashion before Daphne, or Lady Gaga, or whatever. She was a fashion editor and still today a fashion icon.


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