Friday, 19 August 2011


A few weeks ago I was thinking about what exactly classifies a good model pose for editorials and photo shoots...Because, like the clothes, there are famous and trendy poses changing each decade and now more often, like trendy garments. And I was wondering how this is decided, how this positions are qualified, even if subconsciously, as the coolest, avantgarde look for a model!? 

These are some photos of older editorials and is very cool to notice the difference between them, specially their "mood".



George Michael's videos are great to get the early 90's mood.

That is why I decided to post some of the photos I have so we can see what kind of paths fashion is taking us - I say that because I believe that not only clothes but attitudes are trendy so it is interesting to see how the images portray our common feelings and behaviors of a specific decade, year or time in general.

Here are some current images:

Today's edgy body positions are explosions of micro seconds of dramatic revelation, a nano second of a hard, sometimes awkward sometimes sensual movement. Caught in the act, literally, but exploring position which are so edgy that is almost humanly impossible to do it! 
But the result is eye catching and breath taking!


  1. I will never forget my friend on a shoot once directing a model saying "pretend that you've been punched in the chest" for that hunched over pose that is so popular now! I love the way when you look back you can see trends change and shape the next thing. Lovely post! xx

  2. hahahhah Love it!! Someone should records these directions that photographers have to come up with to explain to the model what they want. ahahahha I would love to read that.

  3. Haha yeah, normally one of mine is "Look at me like you're really really angry with me" sometimes it get's kind of scary!! xx