Monday, 1 August 2011

WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE (here and there)

This week I saw Ellie Goulding's US version of her music video "Starry Eyed", which is quite an old song and I actually saw the original music video a couple of year ago. 
Now Ellie is trying to present herself to US public and watching this new version made me think about how image is digested in different countries. With this video is clear to me how Americans "digest" things, how they will preferably stop and look at videos, what kind of image is acceptable for them. 

I won't lie that it made me a little annoyed that Ellie, which I like because has a very cool English Pop look, had to alter it and basically lose the regional "flavor" to adapt her looks to US standards.  
- the obvious teeth whitened
- the blonder and fluffed up hair
- covering the head shaved (behind her ear)
- the fake long nails 
- blue lenses!!!! (Oh God - her looks are interesting because of her big brown eyes)

Original Ellie

 Original Music Video


US Version of "Starry Eyed" & Ellie

Other than that, is the typical "putting a hot guys and making them a couple" kind of story - same old same old. The original one showcase more the artist, Ellie, and something that I think is very "London" which is the fashion presented subconsciously.

Clearly you see more quality and budget on the US version but it's not an original video at all.
However, I don't blame her, to be heard we first have to be part of the group and than differentiate ourselves, because than people will pay attention and listen. Is just interesting to see the image change for a different "market".

Here are a few more videos of lovely Ellie:

Also makes me understand why Robyn is not huge in Europe, her pop songs are amazing but her looks - maybe too edgy for them (I mean for population in general not the fashion driven ones).

Here is a little bit more about Robyn:

Cool MV

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