Friday, 8 July 2011


German photographer Anna Skladmann started a series of photographs in 2008 called "Little Adults", she takes photos of these kids, sons and daughter of the new Russian elite, who look isolated in their own golden world, far from the reality. These kids have private teachers, freedom & money to do anythings they want, the highest point of Russian globalization, their parents don't want them to be deprived of what themselves didn't have when they were kids. 
  In her own words: "Photographing Russia's new generation of children reflects the extreme contrast between social hierarchies , touches on the control of family aspiration, ideas of normality, the loss of childhood and the constant desire for fame".

"Vova Standing In His Grandfather's Theater", Moscow 2010

 "The twins were very nervous when we were out on the water in our little boat. From the dock, their mother was yelling at them, “Just be brave and pose.” Finally, they realized that they would have only each other for support, and so they held hands and stuck together until the shoot was over."

"When I came to photograph Eva, she was at home with her two nannies, one British and one Russian. She had planned everything in advance: the dress she had chosen hung already perfectly ironed and pressed with matching tights and shoes carefully next to it. I felt that I had been hired by Eva to do this shoot rather than the other way around. She was experienced and knowledgeable as she showed me the rooms we were allowed to photograph. She placed herself carefully on the edge of a couch, stood in front of her favorite painting, and posed in her parents’ library. At the end of this photo session she was exhausted and lay down on the sofa. Finally I was able to take the only photograph that I had composed myself."

 "Arina is standing in front of her father’s vintage car collection. She told me beforehand she wanted to look like Catherine Deneuve. As the photo shoot progressed, we got to talking about Isadora Duncan, and I found myself amazed at how much this generation knows about all the famous movie stars of the past."

 "When we came up to the rooftop, it was a beautiful sunny and crisp midday. Vadim asked me how many photos I was planning to shoot, and I answered “maximum ten.” As the flash lit up, he slowly counted to ten in his head. After the ten frames of my first roll were finished, he went back inside, put on his pajamas and asked for a cup of tea so he could sit in front of his television in peace. Naturally, I had wanted to shoot ten rolls of film, not just ten frames."

 "This photo was made in the wardrobe of Nastia’s grandfather, a famous Russian film director. We spent much of our time fixing Nastia’s hair that was just flying around. During this procedure she just stood very patiently like a Hollywood actress."

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