Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Aubrey Beardsley is a English author but I must say I really knew him as being a fantastic illustrator, the most appreciated in the Aesthetic movement from the late 1800's, his style was influenced by Japanese aesthetic and is fantastic to see how a western man can perceive eastern cultural illustration and reproduce in his own way, and obviously with a few changes that made it his own.
I don't want to give you an essay about his life, what matters to me is to look an appreciate the strokes of his drawings, the grace an elegance behind them, coming from a period where men embraced a more poetic and "beautiful" way of life. 

Enough talking about the past. I believe that Laura Laine's work is the present version of Beardsley, very feminine, inspiring, soft strokes yet powerful imagery and yet it could be related to what Japanese like aesthetically, the skinny, super long hair that moves like fabric girls. Could it be how she ,as a western, perceives an Asian aesthetic (like Beardsley) ? 
Maybe subconsciously.

Anyhow, her work is amazing and I love how she portrays fashion, strong girls yet gentle and elegant.

  Is this Kate Moss?


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