Thursday, 9 June 2011


Everyone sees from time to time the nice Google Logos they put to celebrate special dates, science and art birthdays and how creative they can get now. They calle them Google Doodles and you can even submit your ideas to them! Today's logo is to celebrate Les Paul birthday (electric guitar inventor) and the coolest things is that this logo is interactive, is a guitar that you can really play. 
Check out the page here.

This logo made me think about all the cool logos Google has been creating in the past years and I found out that they have a time line with all of them and it was surprising to find out that the first was is from 1998! I haven't realized how long they have been doing this. It was quite simple and it kept getting better and better. The first one was for the Burning Man Festival.

You can click HERE and see the whole time line of all their logos. And here are some other ones that i think are pretty cool, check it out.


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