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Starting from the very beginning, "Indie" stands for "Independent". The late teens to mid twenties kids mainly all share a common love for the arts and music. But they are contrary to what's mainstream. They listen to many bands most people haven't heard of and tend to dress however they want (becoming center of fashion researcher's attention) creating trends themselves. 
One may see these "indie kids" in local coffee shop, art gallery, underground clubs and vintage shops, mixing lots of styles found in these shops. They tend to be open minded as well as opinionated and are curious for new ideas in all art fields mainly music.
They tend to wear warm neutral tones as opposed to black, as well as light fabrics, getting to the borders of an almost hippie style.

They listen to Indie and Alternative music, are considerate the "hot"nerds, actually, Indie kids are the new generation of nerd but they're the "cool nerd" because they embrace the awkwardness.The eccentric perception of life in all ways, with it's own origination. Indie kids are ofen very sharp and very quickwitted.They tend to listen o bands from back as early as the 1960s. Typical indie kid bands include Bright Eyes,The Long Blondes,The Shop Assistants,The Who,The Beatles,The Shangri Las and The Rascals.

Indie is more a question of styling than design, that is why I don't know if a designer fits this category specifically but I believe that TopShop is very much inspired in it's collection by this group. 

Indie kids wear clothes from second hand shops, have an unfounded fascination in things like cassette tapes and vinyl, and often wear thick rimmed glasses and a little hint of 60's.
Most indie kids wardrobes are made up of Tophshop/Topman and vintage clothes from vintage shops, charity shops, their grannies closet etc. Indie girls generally either have light blond, dark brown or bright red hair. They usually all have full bangs and they all wear headbands, either with their hair poofed up over the top or low on their foreheads. They like colorful nails(trendy) and Converse in used by both men and women.
Indie guys generally have long messy fair with long messy side fringes and look like they have never brushed it in their lives.


Vintage shops/charity shops


Neighborhoods in NYC like Williamsburg, Brooklyn heights, Soho, has a lot of indie people.
They can often be seen hanging around East London and Brighton.
Coachella & Glastonbury Festivals


Vampire Weekend

Kings of Leon



Arctic Monkeys

OkGo video


Nick & Norah's Infinite Play list

Things they Use & Hobbies
Myspace (web) new bands


Devendra Banhart

Cisco Adler

Peaches Gedolf

Pixie Gedolf

Coco Sumner

Daisy Lowe

Lou Dillon

Mary-Kate Olsen

 Indie & Pop culture feed off of each other. Pop gets it's trends from everywhere, even from the Indie scene making it more appealing to the general public. Indie on the other hand feeds of pop culture by intentionally going in the opposite direction, because they don't want to become mainstream!


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