Saturday, 7 May 2011


Yay!! Thank you so much to the delightful Tean Roberts, Miss , for giving me this Kreativ award. I really appreciate it.

(When you win the Award you have to tag the person who send it to you in a post & say something, award some people you think deserve to win the award, and post 10 things about yourself.)

I think is a brilliant Idea! Because than we get to know all of these great blogs that we didn't know and it creates a huge chain of cool blogs that more and more people can access.

So here are the blogs I want to give the award back to: 

And now here's the 10 things about myself...

1. My name and family names all start with M+a (Marina Martins de Magalhaes) (not on purpose)
2. When I was a kid I was part of a Spice Girls cover (I was Posh Spice)
3. I have a great grandmother who is 96 years old
4. Learned to ride a bike when i was 13 and still not good at it
5. I have Salvador Dalì's mustache tattooed on my arm 
6. I like to make up words like Didanupo and Posanderetta and have a list of other ones
7. I love weird movies like "Satyricon"-Fellini or "The color of the pomegranate"-Parajanov but a few of my all time favourite movies are Gladiator and the "Ocean" Trilogy
8. My favourite thing is to laugh so much that my stomach hurts
9. I never broke any bone but hurt my self loooooads of times
10. When I heard that Farrah Fawcett died I told my mom that I was shocked because she was an Icon and didn't seem true, than I said it would be weird like if Michael Jackson died. (2 hours later I saw on the internet that Michael really died - it was a really scary night!!!!)


  1. O my goodness! Did you kill Michael Jackson with your prophesy?!?!
    Lovely blog choices! Isn't it a fun award :) xxxx

  2. Congratulations! You've deserve it.
    Your blog is amazing, creative.
    For me, sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing.
    But, exactly because of that, I love this space.
    Cheers! :)

    Ah, I never thought about your name...hahahaha

  3. Thank you Christine!!!
    Hey Tean tell me about it....that day i was scared....XX Love the idea of the award!!!