Friday, 29 April 2011


Now McQueen is not only part of fashion's history but also part of World's history as the brand chosen for Catherine Middleton's wedding dress. I am very happy about the choice mainly because of McQueen it self, his name deserves this important assignment. He will always stay on our minds, when I think about McQueen I think about the man and his vision, not as the brand.

Here are some English brides so you can think about how different times change their aesthetic.

Queen Victoria (wedding 1854) (Victoria was the first to wear white at a wedding)

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon - wife of King George IV - Mother of Elizabeth II (wedding 1923)

Queen Elizabeth II (wedding 1947)

Princess Diana Spencer (wedding 1981)

 Amazing photo this one, is one of those moments that don't seem real...breath taking.

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