Monday, 18 April 2011


New trend (maybe not SO new) for Make up or in the visual scene as a whole, the "ET" look. This new decade is more outrageous and freeing as the previous one, maybe because of the crisis, now we are seeking more and more for the unreal, escaping reality that is why we can see Katy Perry, very POPular singer, going all the way in the crazy make up. We have Mugler, the king of the alien look, in the scene again and Nick Cave, performance artist the shown us his Soundsuits, funny creatures that look they came from Jupiter.
I love this celebration for the crazy, spreading horizons, is always a good thing to be able to dream about what is different, what "doesn't" exist.
Like the 18th century Romanticism, we now use the same features as they did, escaping reality and creating heroes with nonhuman attributes.

What's the next step?

Katy Perry - ET

 Angel Perfume (Mugler)

 Futuristic aesthetic - Mugler, Metropolis film poster, Mugler, Alexander McQueen

Fergie following the same aesthetic - Metropolis inspired, the bionic woman

Paco Peregr├Čn - Alien Dolls

Nick Cave performance - Soundsuits

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