Friday, 18 March 2011


I think one of the questions that I am still not able to answer is "if really nice people can get successful in the fashion business"... 
We see a lot of cattiness, presumption, bad behavior, not professionals, the "need to talk down to people" guy, and much more. I think part of me wants to see nice, gentle, kind people from a close perspective and how they work, so I understand more about this industry. I refuse to believe that this industry is just image and nothing else. It is about the market and selling products that, you believe, are worth it; for that you need good, professional people to TRUST, so the brand can always grow. Let's leave it to that.

I believe in what I do, I am not perfect but I know I give my all. I am fond of the "DIVA" image but only for memorable people and their accomplishments, not people that think they are above everyone else.
NEWS FLASH: No one is above anyone!!!!!

PS: Sometimes people who think they are above the rest are actually very crappy in what they do!!


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