Wednesday, 23 February 2011


This is the month of Fashion Weeks and makes me wonder about all that controversy about not seeing Black or Asian models as often as the Caucasian ones. I heard sometimes that is because you cannot find as many models (Black or Asian) with the standard height and weight as the Caucasians, but i must say after researching a little you can definitely find great black models with great bodies and they can definitely bring amazing style to the brand's image.

Here are some well known important faces to remember:

  Naomi Sims


 Grace Jones

 Naomi Campbell

 Tyra Banks

And most importantly here are some names that shine in editorials, runway-fabulous nowadays and some newest faces:

 Chanel Iman

 Kinee Diouf

 Ajak Deng

  Alek Wek

 Amy Diatta

 Ayan Elmi

 Amy Diatta

 Gracie Carvalho

 Jaelle Dikoume

 Joan Smalls


 Shakara Ledard

Thais Oliveira


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