Thursday, 13 January 2011


I don't know if people realize how the nipple in fashion is growing this period. See-through shirts with cool tit tapes. This is somewhere else in fashion that can be explored, Lady Gaga has definitely started it. Also something that i find really amusing is the nippleless editorials. The will to erase a body part makes me think that we are trying to break more barriers in the image world. Why not erase a nose? I just think is fun and that we at least have to be able to experiment with everything we can. Create imagery independently if it's reasonable or not.

 Gabrielle d'EstrĂ©es and one of her Sister

 Lady Gaga nipple success


 Beth Ditto - No nipple sensation

Tom Ford Ad - No Nipple Model

Talking about missing body parts, this is a TV ad from Havaianas where the actress apparently has no belly button!!

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