Monday, 4 October 2010


We always hear about the Greeks being inspired by the human form and creating everything around them inspired by that. One of the simplest and prettiest is the column, very similar to the Peplo, garment used by women; so we can see that these beautiful architectural symbols of Greek construction were created to represent the female silhouette. Maybe when we say that someone's fashion show was very architectural we subconsciously relate to this idea.


  Irene Castle & Mata Hari

Not only in A.D. times but in our time as well we feel attracted to this kind of inspiration, it gets our attention and we feel like it's a new aesthetic. So probably, as a whole human kind, somethings are printed in our DNA and will always attract us.
Evolution of the architectural silhouette:

Lucas Nascimento F/W 2010

Elsien Gringhuis F/W 2010

Pedro Lourenço F/W 2010


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