Friday, 1 October 2010

Is navy a NEW trend?

I know that is almost impossible, nowadays, to hear the word FASHION without the word TREND following. It's certain that trends are now the "invisible hands" of the fashion market, as they "organize" the fierce consumerism.  
BUT...  What I really love is too find out where these "natural" things come from. 
For an example those almost-every-year trends like Army, Africa or India, Circus and...Navy. 

That's why I have to talk about a really extraordinary, helpful (and short!) book called"The devil's cloth: A history of stripes" by Michel Pastoureau. He talks about all the histories of stripes, when they were created, the different meanings in the different periods, wore by different society levels and how they make us so interested and hypnotized. He puts together saints, prostitutes, witches, referees, clowns, Obelix.
Not just the optical illusion but the heavy energy behind it!

An English cover and an Italian cover

Talking about really new kind of stripes:


Gareth Pugh S/S 2011



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